Ghazal of Snow

Poem transcribed here as text:

Ghazal of Snow

Again the desert is blanketed, secreted by snow / with its light landings, blamed for nothing, lightness of snow

how can the world be both gray and blinding white / oh what a perfect day to be inside, surrounded by snow

I tilt my head back and look up out the window, like when / I was a boy in Ohio home from school, watching small specs of snow

For a while they were huge, an inch / or two big at the least. With their girth swells, too, my excitement at the snow

They descend from the heavens /
grant the world life anew, covered in snow.

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Dry #formpoem #clogyrnach

Gears turn and wheels fly over dry.

They take us to our family.

We stayed there a spell to re-heal

this allowed us to reveal

a bond of family that’s real,

though they play cards very wildly.

This is also a Welsh form like last Friday’s, this time called the Clogyrnach.

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